Thanks to our CAA Part 101 and Part 102 Certification Approval, We can fly and capture the beautiful New Zealand landscape and Kiwi culture where others can’t. Including being able to fly in controlled air spaces.

So, what does a Part 102 certification mean?

Essentially it is the difference between being a simple hobby flyer and becoming a professional aviation company. The focus from the CAA is all around risk, risk mitigation and safety systems that provide best practice for professionally and safely flying drones in New Zealand.

Part 101 covers the ordinary drone user by stipulating a number of rules and, if compliance with all of these rules can be achieved then the flight can be completed. These rules include being over 4km from any aerodrome, not exceeding 400feet above ground level and not flying over people or property without permission. If the operator wishes to step outside any of these rules then they must be Part 102 qualified.

Part 102 on the other hand requires companies to have proper safety systems, maintenance schedules, training syllabuses, risk matrices, drugs and alcohol policies and risk assessment processes.


We carry aviation-specific public liability insurance cover as required by your production.

Part 102 NZ Drones